A major component of our mission is to encourage students to serve. We strongly believe that serving students can transform this world. Serving students give the world a glimpse of God’s Kingdom.

img_0152-2.jpgBarefoot Worship Team

“They tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all people may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom” – Psalm 145:11-12

The Barefoot Worship Team is primarily made up of students who are passionate about leading other students in the worship of our Lord. Their primary goal is to lead students in the worship of God through music on Wednesday nights. Occasionally they will lead worship on Sunday mornings and other special worship services.a japanese arts festival(3)



Photo Dec 21, 4 42 39 PMStudent Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team or SLT has three primary goals. First, to develop within its students the heart and character of a servant leader. Second, give students an opportunity to give insights into the planning of events, teaching series, games, etc. Finally, to give students an opportunity to teach others through word and action the meaning of servant leadership.

The SLT is open to any 9th-12th grade student who has a growing relationship with Christ, and has a strong desire to care for their peers. The SLT is a great opportunity for students who may be considering a life of full-time service in ministry. a japanese arts festival(3)


IMG_0945.JPGMission Trips

Nearly every summer Barefoot hosts a mission trip. These trips have been to Northeast Georgia and Costa Rica. Year after year, these mission trips have prove to be life changing!

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Local Serving Opportunities

Each of our Circle Groups are encouraged to participate in service opportunities throughout the school year. Some of these opportunities have included Mission Mondays, baking cookies for local residents, making blankets for those in need, and serving at a local Ronald McDonald house. Additionally, a major component of our teaching is focused on inspiring students to serve within their local schools and communities. a japanese arts festival(3)